Diableries are back for bundles of devilry!


The LSC have just launched limited edition bundles to celebrate the spookiest festival of the year:

Halloween bundles

Immerse yourself in the ghoulish underworld of devils, skeletons and satyrs with the The Complete Edition of the Diableries book, 6 digital 3-D images AND Brian Ma’’s OWK VR Kit, a stereoscopic viewing device to bring to life the haunting digital 3;D video, “March of the Skeletons”, played to an eerie soundtrack composed by the late Patrick Moore.

OR go for The Complete Edition of the Diableries book and set 2 of the Diableries cards (13-24) colourful and infernally detailed three-dimensional images that range from the grotesque to the ghoulish, from the cruelly satirical to the plainly insane, every picture telling several stories.

Offer ends 1st November or while stock lasts.

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“The monster hardback tome collects together a series of diableries (‘devilments’) – photographs of ghoulish ‘stereo’cards featuring devils, skeletons and satyrs, originally printed in France in the 1860s. These stereo cards are best viewed in 3D..As a consequence. Brian May, who has held a lifelong passion for stereoscopic imagery, has set about designing his own 3D viewer- a pair of plastic spectacles known as the OWL – a pair are given away with the book.