Brian May in “Wired”


The world’s leading tech magazine – WIRED – features an in-depth interview with Brian about Cosmic Clouds 3-D, the first book to explore nebulae through stereoscopic images.

“Brian May’s Cosmic Clouds offers a glimpse of the universe in 3D”

Cosmic Clouds - nebula

The latest book in May’s stereoscopic series takes readers much further away, to the places where stars are born and die. Cosmic Clouds 3D shows pictures of nebulae, the enormous clouds of dust and gas floating in space, in a completely new way.

For Brian it all began when be was 12 when he sent off to Weetabix breakfast cereal makers for some 3-D cards. Says BRIAN:

“In those days, we used to get nice toys in cereal packets…

“I put the card in the viewer and the magic happened. Suddenly, that hippopotamus had its mouth open and I could almost fall in it. It was like I could step into the page.

“I’m privileged to work with some of the world’s greatest astrophysicists and scientists working in sending unmanned missions to the solar system, they all find it contributes to the way they can understand [the nebulae] instinctively, and also to the way that they can communicate them to the public.

“I always find the greatest things happen when you put great people together, it’s like a kind of cosmic explosion in itself.” Full article HERE


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