Cosmic Clouds 3-D releases 23 Sept


Cosmic Clouds 3-D

Brian May’s latest London Stereoscopic Company masterpiece, 

by David J Eicher and Brian May
to be released on 23rd September

Featuring a breath-taking lenticular 3-D front cover, Cosmic Clouds 3-D is a visual masterpiece
transporting readers into the sublime world of nebulae in stereoscopic (3-D)
splendour for the first time. The book will take you on a mesmerising journey to a place
that no other books have ventured – inside the  ebulae, where stars are born. 

Brian says, “the stereoscopic pairs in this book are revolutionary. It has often been said that a picture is worth 1,000 words. If this is true, a stereoscopic picture must be worth at least 100,000!”

Brian, along with his co-creators, David Eicher and astrophotographer, J-P Mestavainio, explore the birth, death, and recycling of stars in nebulae and the formation of the elements that made the world and made us.

This UK edition features a captivating lenticular 3-D front cover and explosive visuals of these clouds of dust and gas spanning unimaginable distances, brought to life in cutting edge 3-D for the first time in the history of astronomy? 

As you peer through the 3-D viewer designed by Brian (that accompanies the book) you will be transported into the magnificent scene of the birth of stars in almighty clouds of gas. This is the closest most of us will ever get to observing the biggest recycling program that exists!

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