Behind the Scenes – The Astrofest Rehearsal


Making sense of the new cutting edge technology that will turn your host 3-D for his AstroFest talk tomorrow! – 22 April 7.00PM

This is a first ever!

“I’m very happy to say that this time at Astrofest we are attempting to transmit my WHOLE talk in 3-D. That means, as well as all the stereoscopic astro photos I’ll be showing, we’ll be beaming ME out in 3-D as well !! I’m hoping that won’t be too painful !! See you there, in depth !!”

Astro rehearsal 01

It’s a virtual affair so you may join wherever you are in the world – just pick up a ticket from

The London Stereoscopic Company has teamed up with Astrofest to present the world’s first Stereoscopic 3-D virtual talk where even the host, Brian May, will be transformed into the magic of 3-D.

A 3-D Brian will explain how stereo imaging brings a new dimension to our exploration of the Universe and shall reveal some previously unseen solar system stereo images from his work with current NASA missions, including the Perseverance Mars rover.

He will also explore his latest astro-stereoscopic books – Mission Moon 3-D and Cosmic Clouds 3-D – transporting viewers on a fascinating voyage to the night sky.

“Brian May has rocked audiences for years but those attending our virtual AstroFest event will see him in a new dimension. For the first time, he will be beamed into their homes live in 3-D to explain how stereo imaging is changing our understanding of the Universe.”
Steve Young, Astrofest Organiser

To view the talk in 3-D: The London Stereoscopic Company are running a 50% off offer on the OWL VR Kit designed by Brian May – at checkout enter code

OR you can make your own!

OR free view!

(The talk can still be appreciated in 2-D, if you don’t have time to get a viewer!)

Astro rehearsal 02

Astro rehearsal 03