Brian in Selsey today


Patrick Moore commemorative seal

8th July – Brian was in Selsey, East Sussex today to unveil a unique seal sculpture, to commemorate his dear late friend, Sir Patrick Moore, former resident of the town.


For more of Brian’s pictures from the day’s event – please see SOAPBOX.

BACKGROUND [provided]:

Selsey was once known as Seal Island so Seals are their ‘brand’. A public art trail has been developed with each Seal (around 6ft in length) being themed. For example, one celebrating the Selsey Pavillion, a very old, interesting theatrical venue, [one] wildlife, in which bug houses have been incorporated into the design and of course, one celebrating Sir Patrick. The designs have been done by media and art students at the local College, curated and guided by Pamela Howard, a notable scenographer and international artist. A working telescope forms part of the Seal dedicated to Sir Patrick with a QR code linking to information about him and hopefully encouraging young people to take up astronomy… situated by the beach where there is no light pollution.

A memorial to Sir Patrick had been wanted for a while but it was felt important to have something which would be ‘active. Sir Patrick’s memory lives on and it is hoped he can continue to encourage children and young people to look to the stars!


8 July 2021
Here’s why Queen guitarist Brian May was in Selsey today
Selsey residents flocked to the beach today as guitarist and astrophysicist, Dr Brian May, unveiled the first of five ‘amazing’ sculptures celebrating the town and it’s heritage.