Happy publication day “Queen In 3-D” paperback – and Germany


Super portable, it slips into your bag, light to carry and is just £20…..

Filled with hundreds of captivating photos of Queen’s phenomenal 50 year journey, captured on Brian’s stereoscopic cameras….and compelling narrative from the man himself….



On “Queen in 3-D” Paperback day, check out this video of Brian proudly opening the German edition of the book, published by our friends at Edel Books!

Available RIGHT HERE, right now.

Queen in 3-D von Brian May – https://youtu.be/2bj8c8GpwI0

“Hello – Guten Tag, Gutt Nacht and good everything from Brian May.

This is my new book – finally auf Deutsch – finally in German you can see Queen in 3-D and read the text. This is my pride and joy and represents all the wonderful images I was able to capture on tour for so many years with Queen and with my own bands.

I’m unwrapping for you now. I’m wrapping, unwrapping and inside you will find all the stereoscopic images which I’ve been able to collect. I’m very proud of this. You can see all the stuff that happened on tour, not just in modern life on these pages, but in glorious 3-D, as in here it comes with the viewer, with the stereoscopic viewer which you will find in the back of the book and you will be able to see everything in glorious stereoscopic 3-D with this viewer which i designed myself.

Thank you to our glorious publishers and enjoy this book in German finally.”