Brian May speaks to ITV News on Queen 3-D Proud Galleries Exhibition


Tonight Brian May featured on  ITV News (National)  just before 10.30PM. – telling the nation about his photography exhibition, Queen Will Rock You In 3-D, running at Proud Galleries, Embankment until 23 September.

Brian May on 3-D Exhibition at Proud Galleries – ITV News at 10 (National) 20/07/2023



Finally capturing on camera the birth and development of a rock supergroup is a photographer’s dream. Now early pictures of Queen from a unique perspective, are about to go on public display for the first time. They were taken by none other than the band’s own lead guitarist. Sir Brian May. Not only had he an insider’s angle, he shot them in 3-aD.

On stage, they were the gods of rock, iconic musicians who lived in the spotlight, making images like this, all the more special.

BRIAN: Obviously, Freddie’s completely unselfconscious there which is unusual. And he’s having some help with his makeup  I just thought it’s a lovely, very intimate, very tender kind of picture and you couldn’t catch it except by being one of them and which I was.”OBut thankfully for posterity, he’s a photographer too, and has been since childhood, continuing to snap away even when Queen was right on the brink of global stardom.

BRIAN: (Of Freddie) “He’s lost in his own world here. Again he’s completely unaware which I love.”

And we don’t know what he’s writing there. We don’t know what song it might have been.

BRIAN: “I could tell you it’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, couldn’t I? But I don’t know. It’s probably ‘Good Old-fashioned Loverboy’.”

Queen’s epic journey charted from inside the band, the images even more intimate because they were taken using a 3-D camera. although watching as you are without the requisite viewer, you might have to take my word for it.

BRIAN: “Hold it in there.”


BRIAN: “Thumbs there.”


BRIAN: “And focus like this… The magic of 3-D, there’s nothing like it.”

But it’s magic that might never have seen the light of day, because for decades, the photos lay forgotten at May’s home. Fortunately, he’s not a man who throws things away.

BRIAN: “We went through every drawer and cupboard in my house and found all kinds of stuff that was stowed away, And suddenly there seems so much more significance and they have so much more of an emotional pool because these things are all gone. F- reddie’s gone. All these everything that you see in this picture is gone.

“But it’s in your viewer in your hands suddenly, in that moment is like they’re back with you.”

And while the songs will never fade, these photos offer an inside track on the men behind the music Rachael Younger, News At Ten.

And that is it for tonight from all of us. Good night and we will see you tomorrow.


Brian May tells ITV News about Queen Will Rock You 3-D Exhibition