Take a look at this !!! Stereoscopy is Good For You


So ! Now I’m back, take a look at this !!! Are you stunned ?!!!

Stereosopy Is Good For You - cover

This long-awaited book is now heading towards release. All of you in our stereoscopic community know all about this – but I’m hoping to reach a million table-tips with this one – the work of a small army of artists that I’m so proud of !! Details to follow !!! Wait til you see the cover image – courtesy of Jane Sabini – in 3-D !!!

Stereoscopy is Good For You !!! Our cover emblem in glorious lock-down 3-D by Jane Sabini.

Stereoscopy Is Good For You - parallel

Stereoscopy Is Good For You

EXCITING NEWS –  finally !!!

To preorder the book, click HERE —- NOW !!


Will hit the streets ‪on 1st November 2022‬ !!!

AND it’s available for PREORDER from TODAY from the LSC store.

Thank you and congratulations to everybody who has taken part in this ongoing joyful mission!

And for those unfamiliar with it, here’s the Gen !!!

Edited by Brian, the book contains the work of over 100 21st-century stereoscopic photographers from around the world during the COVID years.

Brian May asked a new generation of stereo photographers around the world to show us what kept their spirits up during and following the lockdown period.  The result is the first ever book of captivating global 3-D photographs, with the special context of the whole world dealing with the Covid pandemic.

In an uncertain world, Stereoscopy Is Good For You (SIGFY) a project two years in the making, shines light, beauty and hope in 3-D through the pages of a book created by Brian May and a new stereoscopic community centred around the Instagram social medium.

Brian, creator of the 21st-century incarnation of the London Stereoscopic Company (LSC), has become an Internet evangelist for 3-D photography in recent years.   Through the LSC, he invited the world to capture uplifting images from the uncertainty of their new reality. As Covid continued to take its toll on the world, the fast growing stereo community kept on snapping away, lifting their spirits through this often neglected, but uniquely powerful photographic medium. Throughout the last two years thousands of powerful images came pouring in, celebrating nature, intriguing insects, people, pets, architecture, indoor recreations, even the sky above…. and a new title was born.