Emerging from the Shadows …


Emerging from the Shadows … actually the creator of this micro-vid, Sarah Rugg, dismisses this as ‘snapshots of work in progress’ but to me it’s a perfect title, because somehow this artist has captured in my face exactly the kind of struggle I have when I need to go quiet – and hide away darkly to rebuild and recharge.

Sorry I’ve been so quiet following the end of our tour. It’s not that I forgot about you guys or don’t care. I just can’t give out unless I feel I have something to give. I can’t post stuff just for the sake of it.

So now this very telling portrait has brought me back and hopefully back to interacting with the world in general. Thank you Sarah Rugg.

As for … life … some amazing stuff is brewing around me now, and I’m excited to be a part of it all.

So – – – – –

Hi Folks !!!