You Great Little Amp!


Here’s a photo of how this looks – with new Vox Corners.

Vox amp
Vox amp

Here’s  an update on the VBM1 launch at the NAMM show – to put it bluntly – it was a show star! It generated much interest as a “must have” and very cool item.

One problem had been that the factory could not get the corner joints on the white vinyl consistently correct, although Steve from Vox Amps had been over there and shown them how easy it actually is – but, to make it even nicer, it has been decided to fit the VOX style corners – specially made in white, of course!

Message from Brian:

“STEVE —- I LOVE the corners !!! That was the final piece of the puzzle we needed- it looks wonderful!!!!!

THANKS for the update – do we have orders then? when do I get some??? !!!!

Let me know if I can help any more …

Cheers for now and THANKS a million


Bri's new VBM1 amp
Bri’s new VBM1 amps