[Pam Prescott, a broadcast journalist, wrote to Brian about the article in the Sunday Mail 30 Jan page 62/63 – See LETTERS]

(Another Journo Bites the Dust !)

Great to read this, Pam. Thanks so much. It gives me hope when someone like yourself lets me know there is integrity out there. I don’t intend to tar all jourrnalists with the same brush. I hope great positive and responsible people like yourself will be able to raise the journo game from within. Your comment about this particularly miserable piece of second-hand writing in the Mail on Sunday is right on the button. The writer transparently knows nothing first hand, and has cobbled together bits and pieces of dubious previous scraps of print. Plus most of it is SO old, and was inaccurate even at the time.

It’s so insulting to John, whose quietness always concealed a wry wit and a highly informed view of life. His complex personality is invisible to those who only see the superficial. It’s been hard to do without him, these recent years, and we miss him especially in this run-up to going out on tour. But his decision to take a path away from all this madness, which I immerse myself in every day, should certainly be respected.

I hope he consigns this piece of rubbish to his dustbin before reading it.