Hot down here in Fancourt


Always hard to write when things are really hot. It’s hot down here in Fancourt in more ways than one !!

A horde of artists including the lovely Katy Melua who is singing with us (hoorah!) and fab Will Smith, who may also be doing this, if there is any time to rehearse it ! We just said hi to him, while doing a meet and greet with Mr Mandela – seems a very nice guy. Mr Mandela, of course is always awe-inspiring. A lot of the artists were meeting him for the first time and looked quite aghast. In a good way!!

I’m glad our first concert as QPR will coincide with the first and in my, my pretty special WWRY download …my prod of Kerry Ellis’s new NO-ONE BUT YOU. It all seems very new, and I feel very lucky.

Off to final soundcheck – and then batten the hatches for tomorrow.

Hope all is good out there …

see ya !