McFly – Pretty damn fly for four white guys …

Bri and McFly 22 Sept 2006
Bri and McFly
Source: McFly Forum

I had a fantastic time with McFly last night [22 Sept 2006]. At the new refurbished Wembley Arena (now with no pool underneath). These guys are so young, but so accomplished. They really do a magnificent show … it’s totally entertaining and totally pro …. their skill in pure musicianship and contact with the audience would put many ‘respectable’ older rock bands to shame … They play to a very young audience right now (though huge!), but any serious rock fan who snuck in there could not fail to be impressed. I went on to do an “apparition” – zooming up out of one of their Traps (they have many!) rising through the floor of their stage. We had a great time doing “Don’t Stop Me Now” – which of course they recently made a no.1 hit – Freddie must be smiling broadly – and some – erm – aeroplane noises – from me, followed by a rendition of one of McFly’s Greatest Riffs … 5 Colours [In Her Hair] ….. and this is the first time I’ve actually EXITED down a trap! A bit like the Wicked Witch of the West! (More of THAT a little later!).

Thank you McFly, Danny, Tom, Dougie and Harry – it was an honour !

P.S. this appearance was a kind of return visit … the McFly guys came and did a great turn in the Dominion in the special Freddie Birthday night of WWRY, a couple of weeks ago …. and tore the place apart ! Good on ’em ! So I was happy to return the favour ! Wow – their audience can scream! That noise as I stepped forward is still ringing in my ears … !