Snippet … Children In Need


Anybody recognise this chap?


I slipped over to a studio in Chiswick yesterday to play some guitar on a track for the Children in Need charity, to be released this Christmas.

There are loads of luminaries on it … it’s one of those ‘feed the world’ kind of things, where all kinds of current singers get to sing one line each. Very well produced by Adrian Chivers. I think I’ll stop there … because I think it’s still pretty much under wraps … (except I notice Nicky Mason has spilled a couple of beans!) but I CAN say that I got to be George Harrison for a day … Very happy-making for me. Loved George. He was such a great, innovative, magical guitarist, and a great spiritual man. Wish he was still with us. I missed out on the big charity record session – I was somewhere else .. but I went in a couple of days later to put some guitar on, by special request. Nice to be asked. I do not take such things for granted. I wasn’t sure at first … it’s pretty damn hard to re-make the Beatles … how can you top perfection? But I think people will like this.

Merry Christmas!!