Max’s stereo


[Christian Segarra observed that the stereo photo of Brian by Max Alexander had Brian, the Red Special and Brian’s telescope on the same plane, makig for a flat stereo – see LETTERS.]

Well, to be honest, you are partly right … but … we have to be a little bit forgiving to Max, because this was his first stereo pair, and it was only done as an afterthought, in the last five minutes of a long session. He got what he was after, quite skilfully, I thought, for the exhibition (in mono), and it was only me who got him to take a quick sequential, from where he was standing. My directions were not very good, really … I had not taken enough account of the focal length of his portrait lens. So the interocular distance is a wee bit small … making for a fairly subtle stereo effect. However, I quite like the subtlety, and I also, from time to time, enjoy a stereo which is not just arranged to give priority to depth. So did TRW !!

Cheers – and – thanks, Christian.