Rockin at the Power House for the Battersea Dogs


Well, thank the Lord !! ha ha! A gig without damn Youtube !!! Actually it was fun, but pretty rough. So I’m quite happy if it’s just History really. In the old fashioned way.

The set list shown here, from that blog,
[ no longer available]

is actually what would have happened if we hadn’t had to go on very late. The organisers failed to run the evening to time, and there was a strict curfew (for some reason nobody could figure, since the Power Station has absolutely no neighbours !) So the result was that we had to cut a lot of the songs. Pretty crap, really. That the kind of thing that makes you think … this probably won’t happen again. Especially after all those great musicians spending a lot of their free time to rehearse the set and turn up on the night and hang around – for free.

So the numbers we lost were …

Place Your Hands – Ryan Molloy
Baba O’Riley – Roger Daltrey
Bring It On Home To Me – Roger Daltrey
Walkin’ The Dog – Roger Daltrey

The set had already been cut down on the evening before the show … so I lost “Fire” and “No Teasing Around”. C’est la vie.

It WAS fun, though. Nice crowd. And very good company. And a good cause.

Just for the record … I sang Hound Dog in F !! ( 5 keys higher than Elvis ! They tricked me ! )




Respect – Patti Russo
Lady Marmalade – Patti Russo
I Got A Feelin’ – Ryan Molloy
Place Your Hands – Ryan Molloy
Let’s Hang On – Ryan Molloy
Rip It Up – Roger Taylor
Heroes – Roger Taylor
Dancing Queen – The Fabba Girls
Baba O’Riley – Roger Daltrey
Behind Blue Eyes – Roger Daltrey
Can’t Explain – Roger Daltrey
Summertime Blues – Roger Daltrey
Bring It On Home To Me – Roger Daltrey
Hound Dog – Brian May
Walkin’ The Dog – Roger Daltrey
Under Pressure – Roger Taylor and Patti Russo
I Want It All – Roger Daltrey
We Will Rock You – All
With A Little Help – All