Andy Poole’s Riddled With Booze Orchestra


“We did it! With just twelve weeks to learn and rehearse a 2 hour long set of Queen’s extraordinary music, we managed to deliver two nights of wonderful entertainment and all for two incredible causes, the Mercury Phoenix Trust and Brian May’s Save Me trust. We’ve raised thousands of pounds and had an incredible time doing it whilst also gaining a new appreciation of the complex, beautiful, eclectic and brilliant music that Brian, Freddie, John and Roger created.”

“It meant so much to have such brilliant support for this crazy endeavour and, despite the stress and hard work, to know that the funds raised will go towards such noble causes and that so many people had such a good time, we could happily do it all over again! My thanks of course to my band, the venue and all who made it happen.” Andy Poole 

The Andy Poole’s Riddled with Booze Orchestra raised £3100 over two nights. The funds raised will be split equally between the Mercury Phoenix Trust and the Save Me Trust.

Andy Poole's Riddled With Booze Orchestra
Andy Poole’s Riddled With Booze Orchestra