Badger Culling



I hope all of you are well, dear friends ‘out there’, and ready for a battle at some point. The Coalition has backed down on the selling off of the British Forests, and on the hideous proposal for a ‘cow factory’ at Nocton. But there is no reason to suppose that these people will not try to force one of their misguided plans through soon. Jim Paice has even claimed that his view on badger culling is effectively supported by 60 per cent of the electorate! This is a typically rash and rather laughable claim – especially since in effect NOBODY in the general public voted for this unholy Coalition! But the fact that he seems to really believe this is revealing of the state of mind of this group of people who currently hold sway in the DEFRA office. Lunacy, and unjustifiable cruelty, can break out at any time. Let’s be very vigilant.

Here’s what I have put up on SAVE ME Facebook…

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It’s incredible. The lunacy of the whole government badger-culling proposal is apparent in this article.  – [Sorry – page no longer available]

What is the definition of an idiot? A person who keeps doing the same thing, expecting a different result.

Think about it. In what other industry would farmers be allowed to keep raising cattle in known Tuberculosis hot-spot areas? It’s insane. They simply need to turn to a different kind of farming, or farm cows elsewhere. There are areas in Britain where the disease is unknown (they are mostly populated by entirely healthy badgers, because there are no cows to infect them). So why is the tax-payer’s money being spent on subsidising these stubborn farmers who insist on keeping on trying to farm cattle in places where it is a virtual certainty that they will become ill?

I believe this question deserves an answer.

Surely it is time for Elin Jones in Wales, and Caroline Spelman and Jim Paice in the UK, to admit their reasoning is entirely flawed, and, as in the case of the inadvisable selling off of our forests … just admit it was a mistake. It will save thousands of healthy badgers from a pointless and cruel death.