Come to the Anti Badger Cull March


Well, just a quick word to say …
to all you kind folks who signed the petition against the Badger Cull,
please DO pack some sandwiches and the kids, and

Come to the March

this coming Saturday 1st June at 12 noon – assembling at Millbank – near the Tate Britain.

This wasn’t organised by TeamBadger, but we are in full support.

Here is the poster …

Badger Cull March Poster

Click HERE to access larger poster

and you can follow progress on Twitter.

It’s a very peaceful meeting, suitable for families, and some people will even be picnicking afterwards, in St James Park and other London Parks making a day of it, as I understand it.

Coming in costume is allowed !

We will be there, making a statement on behalf of the 225,000 people who have signed the petition against this awful crime against our wildlife.

See ya there

and – by the way, please do write to your MP, right now, and tell him you want him to oppose the badger massacre.