Starlings – and farmers … and madness


Is it time to question farming itself?

Perhaps we should ask the Question: – can Britain now afford to pay the very price of farming animals?

It seems that the world has really gone mad … or at least perhaps farmers have. We have seen it all now. The farmers want to kill all the badgers because they think (wrongly) that it will rid their poor enslaved cows of disease. They want to kill the foxes because they have audacity to want to eat some of the animals they are lining up to be killed for profit. And now … beleive it or not … they want to kill Starlings because they steal the feed for the sheep ? Madness. Is it really beyond the wit of Man to design a feeding post that birds cannot get in?

I am beginning to seriously wonder if we can live with the terrible price the farmers want us to pay for them to continue to make money off the land. The price is cruelty … endless destruction of everything that gets in their way. What do we want for our kids? A Britain in which all the wildlife has been exterminated by the greed and ignorance of a few blindfolded exploiters of our fellow creatures?

I know that not every farmer is afflicted with this sad mentality … but the time may come when we have to figuratively take up arms against the whole animal farming community. And the figurative weapons at our disposal are very powerful. I wonder if they realise what is in store for them. Because there is a huge amount of evidence that consuming food generated by these methods is very bad for our health. We have our hands on that evidence. And we have the power to make it very visible out there.

Are we standing by?