Astrofest 2011


At Astrofest, I introduced Garik Israelian – he did a presentation of the Starmus event in Tenerife this Summer … and there was a lot of interest, it seems.

I also did a couple of hours signing of Bang! books etc, with Sir Patrick. I always enjoy the event. This year we also spent time with Brian Cox, and he delivered a truly brilliant lecture on the LHC – the huge particle accelerator under Geneva, known as the Large Hadron Collider. It was very stimulating for an audience who are mostly used to much more conventional astronomy lectures … and by the end of the talk we all understood much better the relevance of the LHC experiments in simulating the first moments of our Universe in the Big Bang. Brian makes it sound so easy and inviting – as if it were just within our grasp. But it was a very deep lecture, much of which stretched my understanding to the limit. He’s truly a great communicator, and I get the impression he’s only just begun …


OWL Poser for Astrofest
OWL Poser for Astrofest

Owl Poster

Poster for Astrofest

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