I’m battling against overload


I guess if you are fully occupied doing things, there is no time to write about doing things.

That’s the way I am right now, I’m afraid.

So apologies if there is not much noise coming from Bri’s Soapbox.

I am working flat out … on preparing for ANTHEMS for May 1st at the Albert Hall, and out on tour in May in the UK, various Queen things too many to mention, WWRY things, stereoscopic things, astronomy things .. but perhaps most pressing of all … animal things … which pray on my mind.

You probably saw the depressing result of the Welsh Assembly Government vote, after the debate I witnessed in Cardiff. Of course I get all the usual crap about me being a townie and not understanding the farming issues … etc etc … but it was terminally frustrating for me to watch a bunch of AM’s (Welsh MP’s) defending the slaughter of badgers on ‘scientific’ grounds, when it was apparent that there was no scientific knowledge there to speak of … and probably not as much as a Science A-level between them … there were some great, well-argued speeches on our side … but the bad guys rudely talked through most of them, and randomly interrupted, just to spoil the flow of what was being said. Really arrogant, crass behaviour.

I think my tiredness sometimes trips me up. I let slip a slip of the tongue while I was down there … doing a whole day of interviews – I referred to a TB virus, when in fact it’s a micro-bacterium. So now they can all seize on my slip and pretend that this proves I don’t know what I’m doing. Well, perhaps we will have the chance to debate it one day .. I’d welcome the chance, and then we will see who understands the science, and who doesn’t. The tragedy is … if they succeed in going ahead with this, history will prove us right … because soon there will be thousands of dead badgers out there, and TB will still be a problem in Wales. It’s truly tragic. Too awful for words.

Well, onwards. Some day, we will get the change we need. And animals will be treated with respect. But My God it’s a tough battle right now.