Hi folks – so NOW what do you see ?


Thanks for your comments on my previous post in which I asked you to tell me what you saw. All – well, almost all of you gave me insightful and positive observations. You saw beautiful animals, happily grazing in open fields in idyllic surroundings.

But nobody mentioned what was in the foreground. So NOW what do you see ? YES. A FENCE. And my story is all about that fence. And the animals it encloses. And the animals it keeps out.

It’s an extraordinary and completely unique fence. And the story it tells will put the final nail in the coffin of the tragic British Tory Badger Cull. It will sweep away any possible justification for the continued killing of, so far, well over 200,000 of our noble British badgers.

So you want to hear the story ?


Just as a bit of light relief – My new record, just “dropped” (why can’t they just say “released” ?!) … and a reminder that this is not just a pop song, but a chronicle drawn from life, a true representation of my inner life right now – which might explain any momentary lapses of judgment !!! My Apologies ! So now back to my story of THE FENCE !!

THE FENCE !!! So, dear folks, here is The Fence. It’s not at Gatcombe farm, where we were able to achieve TB FREE status without killing a single wild animal (see our BBC documentary coming soon). This fence surrounds a beautiful pasture just a few miles away in Devon. This fence is FIVE MILES LONG. It’s constructed of galvanised steel, 8 feet high, with 600 mm buried in the ground, and an extra 400 mm bent out horizontally under ground. The gates are underpinned with concrete thresholds with less than an inch clearance underneath. The fence is patrolled daily to ensure there are no breaches, but basically there never have been any, because no British animal could find a way to burrow into this enclosure. Yes – you guessed it – this a 100 per cent badger-proof fence. It was installed by a cattle farm owner determined to keep his herd of animals safe from interference from wildlife. No expense spared – this is a Rolls Royce installation. Even this was not considered safe enough. Around the inside of the Fence is another fence, parallel and about 10’foot away, designed to make sure the cattle cannot come within sniffing distance of a badger. Please see the stereos of the fence arrangement, complete with the no-man’s-land between the two fence lines. It reminded me of the day I stood looking over the Berlin Wall, but THIS boundary was borne of very good intentions. To be continued.

The Fence - 01

The Fence - 02

The Fence - 03

The Fence - 04

The Fence - 05