[Marc sent his photo of the Supermoon – See LETTERS]

Lovely picture, Marc. Of course, if there had not been all this fuss in the media about Supermoons … not a single person on this planet would have noticed anything unusual about this full moon ! A full moon happens at Perigee about once a year … and there is very little difference observed … and the minuscule amount this perigee is closer than any other for the last few years certainly cannot give rise to any great change in appearance. Still, I guess it gets people talking about astronomy, which is not all bad !!

I have to say I love Brian Cox’s quote (who is as mystified as I am, as to why people get so worked up about trivial stuff like this)

He says, apparently:

“The so-called “Supermoon” – a phrase I detest more than standing on a piece of Lego with no shoes on – has arisen because the Moon is also full at this point. The Moon is beautiful. Take a moment to gaze at it every weekend, not just this one.’

Supermoon? Sorry … it’s …. erm … a load of old rollocks.

But your picture is nice !