Urgent … Badgers in dire peril


Hi Folks

Just thought I’d tell you what I’m doing this week. (Yes, I know this is a rarity !!! ha ha)

I will be in Cardiff on Tuesday night, doing my ‘apparition’ thing with the stupendous cast of We Will Rock You – on their Press Night. It will be my first opportunity to see Rhydian in the role of Khashoggi – I will get another chance to bond with the cast and the amazing band; and I have many friends in Cardiff, so I’m hoping for a great night. It will also be the first time I’ve played since I lacerated my left index finger, three weeks or so ago. It’s healed on the surface, but it has some way to go as far as healing inside … my ‘barrés’ will not be great yet ! But I think it will hold up.

Between sound check and the show, I will be talking to some Press people .. not about the show, but about the appalling threat of the slaughter of thousands of Badgers in Wales – which is now more frighteningly close than ever, owing to the inhuman will of Elin Jones, who must be well on the way, judging from the letters I am receiving by the bucketload, to becoming the most hated Welsh AM, ever.

The following day, I will be attending, along with officials from the Badger Trust, and other interested parties, the WAG debate on whether the assembly will approve Elin Jones’s awful plan. There is a lot of information about this on our Save-Me site .. and you might like to visit also the Badger Trust site, if you want to help.

This is a grim fight. Elin Jones knows that the recent Judicial Review told her that the benefit that could be obtained by culling badgers could not be justified by the death of so many wild animals, and she knows that in her own consultation, the public response was overwhelmingly against her. But she ploughs on, determined to kill, kill, kill. It’s hard to imagine how this woman can sleep at night.

Well, we will be there to observe, and I’m sure it will be frustrating not to be able to speak. But I will also have the opportunity to speak to the media, and continue the fight, no matter what the outcome of the vote tomorrow is. The truth of the matter is – this is all about what kind of a world we want our grandchildren to wake up in. A world with no wildlife? Well, no matter how much she tries to talk her way out of it, this is the direction EJ is taking us into. All we will have is farm animals, being treated more and more like inanimate objects, not creatures who deserve respect and care .. but simply a means of making money out of the world’s appetite for food.

We will fight. To the end.

Help us, dear Welsh folk … send an E-mail to your local AM, telling him he must vote against this terribly mistaken plan from Elin Jones.