A Halloween gift


I have been working away on another secret project for about 2 years now. And Halloween is the perfect moment to break the silence !!
This is what has been holding me spellbound !

Diableries !!!!!

Look ! This is a whole world – from France in the 1860s. Incredible. Ghoulish – sinister – but also devilishly amusing, witty, astoundingly creative .. AND … well, there is a twist in the tail – another dimension, which I’ll tell you about later. But these cards have been thrilling me for more than 40 years now, during which time I’ve collected examples of almost all of them. I’ve been scanning them and restoring them since about 2000. But I’ve been working the last couple of years with two passionate experts, one French and one American, to produce the first definitive book on the subject … reproducing the Devilments in all their glory ! (with an OWL, of course !)

Soon, I hope.
But for now ..

Take a look at poor old Satan here …

Diableries - stereo

and …

Diableries - stereo

if you get as fired up about this world as I have, I think it will be time to unleash a whole new world of fiendish images in Londonstereo.com. There is some magic too !



Diableries - Satan Malade

Diableries - Satan Malade backlit