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[In reply to mail about trying to phone into radio programme to express an opinion – SEE LETTERS]

You know, sticking up for animals is a frustrating business … and if it’s any comfort, we also get doors slammed in our faces most days. There are so many people who just don’t want the truth to be told.

Don’t give up !

By the way, my experience is that this story of foxes eating all the chickens in a run is a piece of widely-spread apocryphal propaganda. If you question people who come up with this yarn more closely, you’ll usually find it actually wasn’t them who saw this happen to their birds … it was a friend of a friend of a friend who told them the story. The powers of darkness are very insidious. There are lots of people working very hard to blacken the name of wild animals – to justify their continuing desire to abuse them in the name of sport.

And some of them are in Radio and TV.

And the P.S to this is that if the fox DOES kill all the chickens in the pen … and is observed to leave without eating them all (of course) he/she will, if left undisturbed, keep coming back and burying them in a safe place for future feeding. Unlike most humans, the foxes do not waste food. Neither do they kill for pleasure. I’m indebted to Phil Lawson for reminding me of this.

You can actually see this happening here … – [Sorry – no longer avaioable]

Cheers and thanks


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