San Remo – Ellis, Fornaciari, May


The news seems to be out all over about the SanRemo Festival. Gotta say I’m excited. We had a rehearsal, at my place, last week, and made a demo of the track we’re performing. Here are the two divas, Irene Fornaciari and Kerry Ellis, in their non-glam working clothes, with some old geezer who has arranged and produced the song and, it is rumoured, will play some guitar on the night. On the night it will be ALL GLAM, of course !

Irene, Kerry Bri stereo
Irene, Kerry Brian –  stereo

and how it might look in the event …

Irene, Kerry and Brian
Irene, Kerry and Brian

Warning ! This is Bri as a producer going waaaay further towards Euro-Pop than ever before … so you may be a little shocked. But it’s rockin’ .. it has a hard edge, and the song is a real classic … it was always waiting to be made into a thunderous epic !

Yeeeow ! Ciao for Now …Wish image by Bri – with thanks to Alessandro LaRocca, and Photoshop