Who’s deluded?


I have been discussing two very interesting books with my colleagues.

I’d be very interested to hear comments from people out there who have read them both ! Plainly they represent opposite ends of opinion on the relationship between Science and Religion.

The God Delusion book

The Science Delusion book

My favourite quote, which really sums up how I feel very neatly, is from Prof Greg Parker (the great astrophotographer).

He says:

“Religious people neglect Science at their peril because like it or not, that’s the way the World operates. Scientists ignore the spiritual side of life at their peril because that’s the way that humans operate. Until someone comes along that can tie both sides together we will always have a disconnect here.”

I’d be interested to hear your views, folks.



Amazon links:
The God Delusion – by Richard Dawkins
The Science Delusion – by Rupert Sheldrake

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