Where does this nonsense come from ? !


1948 book by another Brian May

WTF ??? Where does this nonsense come from ? ! I have never written such a book – and never will !!! Can #somebody please tell me what is going on here ? cheers ! Bri. ( and thanks @lunawest ).


Well, thanks for putting me straight, folks. Now I know there is another Brian May in another world in Illinois – a professor of English Literature – who wrote this book and many others. The mistake that this website made in giving him my biography seems like the kind of blunder that might be made by some primitive AI bot rather than a human. But I now can salute this alternative Brian May, and stop worrying. I imagine he must have found my presence in the world slightly annoying at times, for which I apologise. But I can only say I think I was first to be named in this particular way ! We can both note that there was a third Brian May, an Australian composer who wrote the Mad Max music – and I’m sure we have all experienced confusion at some point.

Maybe I’ll just have to use my most recent title as a way to distinguish myself – I think there is probably just one chap called “Sir Brian May”. But then, I could be wrong. Onwards ! Here’s to being Brian May. Rather than a chatbot.

Happy Christmas Dolldrum period, folks.

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– Bri