Farewell Cape Town


It was a quick visit to Cape Town for the launch of Pride of Cape Town – the BORN FREE lions initiative – but just before leaving, we had a moment to visit the top of Table Mountain … a rare treat. I’d been only once before, and this time the weather was perfect.

This picture, taken looking down from the top, is interesting … apart from the fact that I look, for once, happy and rested … maybe!

Behind me you can see some of our history. To the right of my head, the new rebuilt version of the Green Point stadium (but it’s called something else now, I think!), where we played the 46664 concert for Nelson Mandela. And just behind my head to the left, Robben Island, which we visited with Madiba himself – the magnificent Nelson Mandela – just a few years ago, in another never-to-be forgotten moment. For Madiba, of course this was the island where he was unjustly imprisoned for so many years, only to emerge and rebuild his country without seeking any retribution for his suffering. The greatest and most inspiring human being of his generation? I think so.

Well, this is me, in Africa, folks … it already seems like a distant dream …

Bri - overlooking Cape Town - stereo by Kerry Ellis
Photo: Kerry Ellis.
Brian - overlooking Cape Town - mono
Photo: Kerry Ellis.

Thanks Africa … for an amazing experience, a wealth of learning, and a glimpse of hope.


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