Angry at the birds?


Are you Angry at Angry Birds? Does this look familiar?

Angry Birds in Space
Angry Birds in Space

I have had a lot of pleasure from Angry Birds – I find it therapeutic, and I enjoy the creativity of the puzzles.

I recently got the new version …. SPACE. I was going to write a rave review of it, because the ingenuity of the gravitational fields is definitely amazing.

However, I find myself feeling a little less enthusiastic, now I’ve got into it. The thing is, in the past, if you got stuck on a level, you could bring in a giant bird who would come and wipe out the whole problem. Very funny, and also useful because it moved you on, to the rest of the screens. Now I did think it was a bit cheeky that you had to actually PAY for this giant bird, but it was a one-off thing, and he kept coming back every hour or so, so you could use him over and over again.

Now … in the new version, they are offering SPACE EAGLES to do the same thing, but they seem to be usable only once, and they are trying to sell you loads of them, for ever-increasing amounts of money. Now I have to say this now beyond a joke. Kids everywhere are going to be lured into spending more and more money, even though they’ve already bought the game in the first place. It’s actually worse, because they’ve made a couple of the levels almost impossible to crack, and in the event when you do invoke the SPACE EAGLE, it’s not guaranteed to wipe out all the enemy. It’s a trap.

In short, these people have now made it almost impossible for you to go on enjoying the game you have bought, unless you keep paying them more and more money. I think this is taking advantage … I think it’s a rip-off. The makers of Angry Birds cannot be short of a few bob – so why are they being so greedy ?

I think maybe we should all demand a refund on SPACE, unless they make the SPACE EAGLES free. Or maybe complain to the APPLE people, who license these apps.

Any thoughts ? Am I wrong ?