Final mix of the film – HQ trailer – Def Lepp – In the gym


Rami IS Freddie ! Amazing. Tomorrow we get to see the putative final cut and final mix of the film. It will still be possible to tweak ………. but basically BR the Movie is DONE ! Wow ! It will be a big day ! But first ? A little show here in Vegas ! Number 5 ! Yeeeow ! Are you ready folks ?! 

Rami Malek is Freddie Mercury 09/09/2018

I’m posting this simply because it’s a much higher quality version than the low res one I had to post before. Enjoy !

Bohemian Rhapsody | “Can You Go a Bit Higher?”

Had to slip next door after our show to catch up with the fabulous Def Leppard guys – selfie moment with my old and dear pal Joe Elliott.

Bri and Joe Elliott - Vegas

Yay ! Bit lonely in the gym today !!!

Bit lonely in the gym today

Oh NO !!! I found Angry Birds on the exercise bike. I’m gonna be exercising all day !!! Ha ha ! Note the fabulous camera technique !

Brian May: “Oh NO !!! I found Angry Birds on the exercise bike.” 09/09/2018

QAL – thanks for a great 5th night in the Park Theater. It’s the half way point for us. Ready to rock through next week.

QAL great 5th night - credit unknown