Queen and Adam .. The best show ?

Hammersmith – Credit: Roadie Cam (P. Malandrone)

Well, I think we all felt the last couple nights in Hammersmith have been a moment of significance.  In fact, perhaps especially last night.  The band, as it is now, seems suddenly to have switched into a higher gear – more confident, having more fun … and stepping into new territory … an amazing thought at this stage in our lives and in our careers … to be honest, I would never have thought it possible before this journey with Adam Lambert began.  

Adam has his own style and path, and there was never any intention that he would be ‘another Freddie” – but there are many parallels, in the mechanisms which we’ve already developed – coming together as an organic band.  

It’s very pure – having no extra guitarist means I am back in the old place, as in the Old Days, completely responsible for holding up the ‘wall’ of sound, but also completely free to control the dynamics and ‘feel’, working more or less as a four-piece – something which is only possible because Adam is such a strong pivot and front-man.   No backing singers – no dancers  – it’s pure – somehow it feels like Rock ought to be …  … dangerous and stimulating.   It’s completely – real.   In this epoch of auto-tune and hard discs on stage, that’s pretty rare these days.   

And everybody seems to be having fun.  Including … totally … US! 

Many thanks to you guys in the Hammersmith audience – no bunch of rockers could be more supportive and inspiring.   The view above is something nobody else sees … it’s from Pete Malandrone … my intrepid and unflappable Guitar Tech – this is the amazing sight from the Apollo (Odeon) stage – you guys are beautiful !! 


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