The adjective Bumholian


Very Good !  thanks Jen.  

Did you see this, folks ? A democratic dictionary !!!   Fabulous !


28 July 2012
Send us your words, says dictionary: New edition will allow public to make their own submissions

I will submit my own favourite personally made-up word, if I can get it together …  

My word is …. Bumholian !    It’s an adjective I find very useful to describe things – or usually events –  that are truly shitty ! 

Ha ha.  

You know, like … you lost your wallet ?  That’s pretty Bumholian.    Or you get stuck in Olympic Games mad traffic congestion.  That’s going to be very bumholian, I would guess.  

Well, you never know … maybe I will be famous at last.   But if not, please feel free to use and enjoy my word anyway. 

I will be proud.