Other birthday greetings


Just wanted to say a big thank you to all the great people who posted those amazing messages on our Save-Me facebook page – for my birthday.

I’ve been a bit quiet since the end of our short Queen tour – because I came down with a horrible virus on that last night …. unfortunately Saturday night was a fog for me … my head felt like it was full of jelly … and then the next day when I woke up, it WAS full of jelly – and it has been ever since. Over a week later I’m still coughing up green gloop every few minutes … anyone have a cure? Or has anyone out there got the same thing? Where did it come from? And at what point do you give in, and take the antibiotics, which you KNOW will stop your body developing the immunity to beat off the damn virus next time it comes round? I feel like I might stop breathing if it gets any worse.

Well, that’s my jolly tale. But I have not been idle …. just constantly exhausted.

Anyway – before the birthday becomes ancient history … THANKS AGAIN ! … you have all been so kind … and I happened on this nice video – which someone has put a lot of work into …

Marie Rock ya rock !

Happy Birthday Dr Brian May


Thank YOU !

Somebody also reminded me of this … a year ago … a very good memory … good grief – where does the time go?

Kerry Ellis and Everyone singing Happy Birthday to Brian


cheers all


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