Olympic Closing Ceremony – the photos noboy saw …


Sara Bricusse, my long-suffering PA, took these photos from behind me, in the moments before and during my walk to the podium at the Rock and Roll Stage end of the Olympic Stadium, while Freddie was doing his ‘Deo’s’, and then my solo, totally live and naked, followed by the 75 yard journey down the steps, across the cycle track, and up the ramp, accompanied by exploding smoke bombs, to the centre, where Roger and Jesse were to be met, while playing We Will Rock You ! (or something related to it ! )

It was really something very similar to the “Palace Roof” moment in terms of difficulty, and the associated fear to be faced, along with the strong possibility of making a fool of myself in front to a billion people live. But … a huge blast … like a thousand roller coaster rides …

Here it is from a PA’s point of view.

I’ll do it in 3-D later … because she was shooting with my Fuji stereo camera.

Cheers !


Waiting above the orchestra and chorus

Waiting above the orchestra and chorus – 92 thousand people below. At the other end is the Flame.

I’m walking down, not visible, to the left – Freddie is on the screens. Ouch!

Striking up opening chords

This is the moment I strike up the opening chords.

Into it

Into it.

End of Brighton Rock

End of Brighton Rock

Now somewhere near the cycle track...

Now somewhere near the cycle track hitting some chords … not sure what they were!! ha ha. Too much adrenaline … I’m on the screen above left. But there is certainly no time to think about that … !

Now the fireworks go off

Now the fireworks go off as I go … … I’m conscious of trying to include everybody … speak to everybody … but just thankful it all seems to be working …

Some big ones !

Some big ones ! Halfway there, wondering if the radio link will still keep picking up my signal out there … and hating hearing it all in the in-ears … I never did this before because it sounds like crap … but there was no choice this time … no monitors out there …

Nearly there

Nearly there … Roger is in sight, hammering his drums … Jesse must be behind that cloud of smoke

Close to 'home' now

Close to ‘home’ now …

After WWRY is all over

After WWRY is all over … coming off towards gate 6 … it is done.


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