An iconic moment – Tony Iommi – Such memories


Tokyo Olympics - torches

(apparently the video I just posted has been blocked in many territories – so here’s a single frame)

I’m feeling very moved and proud. That my song, and the original Queen recording of it should be used for such an iconic moment in Japan is an amazing honour for us. Thank you dear friends. Wishing you a joyful and healthy celebration of athletic talent.

“LET US CLING TOGETHER as the years go by – Oh my love, my love … In the quiet of the night, let our candle always burn – let us never lose the lessons we have learned.” コンバンワ !!! With love from your Gai-Jin friend.


Editor’s Note:
Opening Ceremony aailable to download on Sky BBC One, and also on BBC iPlayer – the Torch section starting at 4:16:25

Tony Iommi made Heavy Metal

DAMN RIGHT !!! Tony Iommi totally rules !!!

Bri-Army t-shirt front and back

Thanks Guys !!! 

Love this ! Oh … such memories !!! When video games were young and innocent … and this guy has captured the music perfectly – I’m mesmerised !


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