Cosmic Tourists are GO !


LAUNCH PARTY, at the home of Sir Patrick Moore, Selsey, 17 October 2012.

Brian May, Patrick Moore and Chris Lintott

We launched the good ship Ptolemy at Patrick Moore’s splendid house on Wednesday night. It was a ‘small gathering’, but Patrick’s parties are never small ! We holed up for a while doing interviews in his study (pictured here) but then got down to the serious business of socialising … many excellent astronomers and friends there – much to talk about !

Authors with magnificent cake
A magnificent cake to mark the occasion – thanks Ben and co !
Brian and Chris Lintott in Patrick's dome
Bri and Chris Lintott in Patrick’s dome.
John Culshaw and Patrick Moore
John Culshaw in Patrick Moore mode, and Sir Patrick in Demon King mode !! (it was late!)
Blue cake
It gave us blue-mouth ! But delicious.
Cosmic Team
In our gear ready to blast off in the space-ship Ptolemy (named after Patrick’s cat)
– which travels at the speed of thought.

Cosmic Tourist

and this is what the book looks like !



Photos courtesy of Nicole Ettinger at Carlton …