Just a note to say thanks…


Just a note to say thanks for the wonderful support for our dear friend Sir Patrick Moore.

It’s been an absolute flood of tributes that have poured in … so much love … so much appreciation .. I hope Patrick is reading them from wherever he is ….

Our Sir PM tribute site is here www.banguniverse.com/sirpatrickmoore

and my own personal tribute message in full is now printed HERE

The official press release we, his friends and colleagues put out when he passed away, is here

My special thanks to Patrick’s wonderful carers, led by Julia Knight … who gave him the best send-off any man could ask for. He had so much love around him in the last hours. And he was where he wanted to be.

And to all of you who have been so supportive to us, his pals, who feel very bereft … huge thanks.

Onwards … and – as Patrick himself would have said … WHAT A GREAT INNNGS !!!



Brian and Patrick Moore
Brian and Patrick Moore

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