Sir Patrick Moore – a bit poorly but in good spirits


I went down to visit our dear friend Sir Patrick today. He is poorly, and very frustrated because it’s stopping him working. Although he’s quite weak and finding it exhausting to talk, he was able to say “Damned Annoying” very clearly !

We’re all a bit concerned, but on the other hand we have all seen Patrick laid low many times before, and even been worried if he would make it through the night; but Patrick has always had an uncanny knack of bouncing back the next day and demanding to know what the fuss is all about ! Even this afternoon he managed to tell us a joke or two.

So we are all hopeful he will be fully functional again in a few days, and able to concentrate, among other things, on planning an event for his 90th Birthday ! Here’s a pic of him you may not have seen – in fine form at the launch of our most recent book, the Cosmic Tourist. Photo courtesy of Carlton Books.

Cheers !


Sir Patrick Moore