Meteorite that fell to the Urals


I was shocked to see the devastation that the unexpected meteorite caused in Russia.

My sincere condolences to all those people affected. Of course, the world is excited by such an event, but for the people in its path, it’s a tragedy.

I understand that the asteroid that passed close to the Earth tonight had no connection with the Russian event.


Alaine wrote:

Hello, dear Brian! I send you this video from Russia. in my country, the Urals. We have a fallen meteorite. He was 9 tons. It exploded in the fall. affected many people. 9 people otdenenii resuscitation. many received various injurieof the buildings were shattered windows. another meteorite expect tonight at 11 o’clock. He must fly very close to us. at a distance of 25,000 kmetrov. I know that the astral plane is very close! like to think that he is not caught us! I hope this video will be interesting for you!

With respect to you ……. Alain