The Daily Mail does it again !


The Daily Mail does it again ! Always finding new depths to sink to.

This ridiculous story has obviously been drummed up by the Daily Mail’s offers of filthy lucre for stories that denigrate our wild animals.

It’s a lame attempt, of course, to justify the imminent cull of badgers, as if this were remotely relevant to the discussion.

This stupid bit of writing has no scientific relevance whatsoever, of course, and the notion that an anecdote like this shows that badgers are vicious predators is fatuous.

Any scientific evidence there is points clearly to the true cause of the decline of hedgehogs – pesticides and herbicides. Slug pellets alone probably account for the death of literally hundreds of thousands of them every Summer. And it’s across the board, from short-sighted householders trying to grow ugly spindly marigolds, to farmers covering the land with poisons, which kill not only slugs and snails but ALL the animals that feed on them – birds, mice, voles, hedgehogs, and even family pets.

The Daily Mail needs to grow up and start putting truth before financial gain and cheap politics. Disgraceful.


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