A great secret day in the studio

Bri and Shirley Higton in Bri's studio"
The mysterious Ms Higton and Bri at work ! Photo: Anne Brummer

I hope you don’t mind me putting this picture up, Shirley.

What a joy to work with you today in the studio.

Was that fun or what ?!

Can’t wait to spill the beans !

Love Bri

– Had an amazingly fun day in studio today with a very creative songwriter called Shirley Higton. You will be hearing what we did soon ! Bri

– Few things cheer me up like creating with creative people; I even got to play some very loud guitar. I’m itching to leak what we did today !

– In truth Shirley didn’t actually send me a demo … she wrote a song for a great cause and I got to hear it. It will all become clear soon.

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