More Easter thoughts…


[In reply to Stan Blank, commenting on Brian’s earlier ‘EASTER THOUGHTS…’ see LETTERS]

I could not agree more, Stan. I’m going to italicise your sentence:

“I believe there is room in this wide wonderful universe for both science and spirituality”.

Absolutely. And it would be a lot more productive if it were recognised that they speak of different domains.

I watch the fierce debates between Atheists and Creationists with some amusement.

In my view, it’s pretty obvious they both protest too much !

OK – the Creationists are clearly bonkers, as Sir Patrick Moore so eloquently put it. But the Atheists are putting forward a belief – that nothing exists outside Science – for which they have no evidence. That’s not very scientific !

Neither of these ‘sides’ can prove their case. An open mind is much more likely to see clearly !!!

And as for good and evil, if you read C.S. Lewis, you realise that there IS an absolute consensus on what ‘right’ means and what ‘wrong’ means – it’s not arbitrary. ‘Evil’ is consciously doing what you know is wrong. Evil does exist. And so does Goodness. If these two exist, and they must exist outside the domain of Science, then who knows what else lies out there – beyond the limits of the observable Universe, which Science has charted so brilliantly. Nothingness? A higher power ? A higher truth ? A God ?

I don’t believe anyone on Earth knows the answer for sure.