No cull of urban foxes


I’ve just signed this petition. I think it’s important.

We are at a crucial time in the UK. The Government is exposing itself more and more as completely insensitive to the rights and needs of non-human animals – perhaps the most animal-unfriendly Government ever. This sits alongside:

1) their disregard of the needs of the sick and weak and disadvantaged

2) their scandalous underhanded dismantling of the National Health Service (Did you even know this?!)

3) their bungled attempt to sell off our forests

4) their reckless destruction of what is left of the Green Belt

5) their attempt to legalise the destruction of Buzzards’ nests to appease the big bird shooting estates, in which the present Government has family interests

6) their avowed intent to bring back barbaric blood sports, fox hunting with dogs, stag hunting with dogs, hare coursing, etc …

7) their failure to enforce what laws there are in place to protect wild animals against despicable pursuits such as badger-baiting

8) their obsession with killing thousands of mainly healthy badgers, against all advice and popular opinion, to appease the supposed farming vote

and so on.

The list is long and depressing.

The recent hysterical response to a single alleged attack by an urban fox by Tory MP’s was clearly orchestrated in coordination with pro-cruelty Countryside Alliance activists. All part of a sustained campaign to try to portray the Red Fox as a dirty, dangerous pest, thus softening up the public to the idea of bringing back barbaric ‘sports’ which, shockingly, are the unsavoury obsession of most of the members of this Coalition Government.


How dangerous is a fox? Consider the following:

1) There are 6,000 hospitalisations due to dog attacks on children in a year, plus a further 2,000 due to bites from other animals, including humans.

2) 1,901 people were killed last year on Britain’s roads.

3) Countless atrocities are yearly committed on children and animals by HUMANS every year.


Viewed in this context, the Red Fox has to be recognised as one of the gentlest, desirable species of creature in Britain – certainly way ahead of humans. There is thus NO justification whatsoever for foxes being classed as vermin, or persecuted in any way. The law must change. But in the meantime, no cull must be allowed to take place.

This petition is an important piece of the overall vital need for us all to turn back the terrible tide of cruelty and indifference which centres on this awful Government.

Their “Greenness” is clearly a joke, and their thin pretence of concern for animals by supporting animal campaigns in other countries fools no one.

Their so-called Big Society is seen to be no more than a throwback to the Big Selfish Society which desperately clings to the privilege of the few – the rich landowners who still act as if they are answerable to nobody. Like all bullies, they are frightened that their right to trample on all creatures, including humans, who get in their way, could be taken away. And indeed this has to be the long-term task of future governments of this country. What Harold Wilson would have loved to sweep away still remains … at the core of our society, rotten and stinking, and epitomised by David Cameron, George Osborne, Owen Paterson and the whole sorry bunch – representing the out of touch, old-fashioned end of the Tory spectrum. The progressive modern Conservatives in the House must be cringing every day.

It is time to begin the process of the re-enlightenment of this country. The petition to “Stop the badger cull” is now developing into a bush “No cull of urban Foxes” is also important.

Please join me in supporting it. Onwards. There is a mountain to climb, but from the top, the view will be blissful. Please also keep the thrust of our Badger Cull petition going by asking everyone you know to stand up and be counted. There is a very big picture here.

Brian May

Take another look at the men who are running our country.