Shelley Preston – Stereoscopy blossomed – Fantastic foxes


Help ! Can anybody help me find the lovely Shelley Preston ?

Thanks so much for your help, folks —- I THINK I MAY HAVE FOUND HER !!!


Shelley Preston
Shelley Preston

She sang for me in 1991-2 in the then Brian May Band. We were in touch for ages but now it’s been a while. Here she is on IG @therealshelleypreston – but she hasn’t posted since 2016. I’d love to connect so we can get the old band together for a chat. Any info gratefully received. Thanks folks.

– Bri

I love how stereoscopy in Instagram has blossomed !!! And every now and then I get blown away all over again with the wonderful works you guys are creating. This is absolutely exquisite. What an incredible talent to draw in stereo with this degree of invention and perfection in technique. Michael Taylor !!! Sir, your stereo sketching is incredible !! I’m gonna put this up sideways in my stories too, so we can all see the fine detail in this beautiful creation.

Cheers ! More power to ya !

Michael Taylor stereo

Tonight !!! Soon !

[Fantastic Foxes: Their Secret World – Channel 5 CATCHUP]

Fantastic Foxes


Bri X