3-Planet Conjunction


Well, forget comet PanStarrs .. ! This nice conjunction of 3 planets is tricky – you have to have a good low horizon, but not nearly so difficult as Panstarrs. You DO need binoculars. Or a camera with slow speeds. I was lucky last night (Sunday 27/05) – about half an hour after sunset, around North West, low in the sky.

3-planet conjunction

3-planet conjunction annotated

I’ve actually never seen the planet Mercury from London before. I wasn’t even sure it was possible. But I always thought it should be possible, because even extreme light pollution doesn’t make a lot of difference while there is still some twilight around. And there is always twilight present when Mercury is up. So here’s my effort – a small feeling of achievement ! Tonight these planets will be positioned in a slightly different triangular shape – but in a similar place. Venus is the one to spot with the naked eye – just ! … but the others are hard. Use binoculars !

Cheers !


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