Future of Farthings


Well, the truth is that a reporter approached me at a private reception for the cast and me at Spamalot, and started asking questions about Patrick Moore, as soon as I’d come off stage.

I told him that we had had an exciting offer from the Science Museum to create a exhibit devoted to Patrick’s life and work, and we would be trying to make that happen. The reporter asked if there were plans for Farthings and I said that no plans had been agreed yet.

That was it !

At this point, I smelled a rat – since the man was clearly not there to talk about Spamalot.

So the conversation came to an end. From that, he went away and wrote this foul piece, entitled “Brian May ditches plans for shrine, .. etc.”.

It’s almost unbelievable that this – the worst kind of journalism – actually still goes on.

We, the executors of Patrick’s estate, are continuing in our quest to sort out Patrick’s legacy as best we can.

When all the plans are made, we’ll make a statement. Until then, it’s essentially a private discussion.


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