Come see us do 3-D devilment in the USA !!! – Owen Paterson


In the wonderfully analogue splendour of Paula Fleming’s home with her genius husband Ed, the Diableries team plan their next Devilish move – speaking in NYC on Monday.

Diableries Team at work in USAPaul Fleming, Bri and Denis Pellerin
Paul Fleming, Bri and Denis Pellerin

Come see us do 3-D Devilment in the USA !!! We’re signing DIABLERIES books in NYC. SEE US ! Monday evening we’re projecting in 3-D the wonders of DIABLERIES. in NYC ! ! And signing !!

30% of target? How much more of this ineptitude do we have to bear, Owen Paterson? Wasting our money and destroyig our wildlife. Resign.

Congratulations, Republicans, ‘fighting the good fight’ ! I hear you just poured 24 Billion dollars of America’s budget down the drain.